Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ron Paul detractors - who do you support?

As Ron Pauls popularity has been increasing, so of course are those against him waking up that he is the leader in the republican primaries at this point by the majority of ways to measure, and has recently shown up as the biggest chance to win against a democrat in the latest Zogby blind poll.

Over the course of these hit pieces, I have noticed one common factor among all of them. I never see anyone offered up in response as a better candidate than Ron Paul. The current hit pieces have the theme of "libertarians are leaving Ron Paul". Which I personally find very curious.

Rarely do these articles talk about issues. They all have one major goal in mind, character assassination. Which in my opinion, only goes to point out that this election really is Ron Paul vs the status quo.

Because of course, when you compare Ron Paul, side by side to any other politician running, these so called claims made just don't hold water. As if because you don't agree with him 100%, you suddenly can't vote for him. Obviously there is likely no candidate you can find you agree with 100%.

If you can show me someone I'd rather vote for than Ron Paul, then I'm am all ears. Please, show me the candidate I agree with more, has an established voting record backing it up, has consistent values and can explain their position in detail, and has taken up the fight to returning our foreign policy to what it should be.

Where is this candidate who understands the constitution so much better than Ron Paul? Who is it that doesn't need lawyers to decide for him, and understands that domestic issues on the whole, belong on the state level. Which other candidate understands that the general welfare is defined in the preamble of the constitution as the amendments themselves, and the general welfare clause is what gives congress the power to uphold those amendments.

Because I must say, I have spent the last 7 years looking for this candidate after it was clear GWB wasn't going to hold up to his promises. I had all but given up hope, and Ron Paul, and more importantly, the support he has gotten, has renewed my hope for this country.

So how is it all you that post articles that don't like Ron Paul actually support? And why if you feel so passionate about that candidate, you never mention it? Just because the major media likes to tell you the American people are stupid, doesn't mean it's true. We aren't that dumb, sorry.