Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If they hate us for our freedoms...

If they hate us for our freedoms, as the bulk of the presidential candidates running will tell you, then are we not surrendering by giving up our civil rights?

Time and time again, I often see the reason for this war and our foreign policy is that they hate us for our freedoms. And at the same time, these same people tell us we need to give up our freedoms. You are suddenly un-American if you don't give up those freedoms?

And since 9/11, we have had the biggest lose in freedom and civil liberties than any point in our history. If we tear down the base of what we stand for, then we have already lost. No wonder we need troops in Iraq for 100 years as John McCain says, they will be over there working for someone else. Because we have already lost this war, and we lost it the moment GWB signed the Patriot Act. And it's not going to stop until the American people wake up and realize this.

Of course, we all know this really isn't the reason so many in the world hate us. But sure, there are a small minority of people in the world who probably do hate us for our freedoms. And it does appear to me that for whatever reason, we are losing those freedoms. But it doesn't seem to be another country that is taking them, we seem to be happy to give them away.

So tell me America, why have we surrendered? Whats really going on here?


wishboneattack said...

I completely agree. We allow our elected officials vote in favor of such legislation as HR1955, S1959. It is up to Americans to get involved in their countries affairs and what is happening in the Congress.

Calling, emailing, or a writting letter to your congressional represetative is the first step in getting involved. Some times something that simple will have a lot of weight in persuading the vote.

AdamB said...

Hey. Good read. Continue the blogging.