Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What my plan would be for Iraq.

Ron Paul says he would immediately bring the troops home. I completely agree with him. For a number of reasons.

Honestly, the job being done currently in Iraq isn't even a job for the military. You are trained to kill and take over objectives in the military for the most part. It's not a function of the military to be a police force in another land.

The job of the military was done years ago in Iraq. And they did a great job. They did exactly what they are paid and trained to do. And they did it in record time as well. When Bush landed on that aircraft carrier with "Mission Accomplished", that was basically the truth. The military had accomplished it's goals and purpose.

But now they have stayed and are asked to do jobs that are not a function of the basic military. Sure, they have MP's and some specialized troops. But it is not what they signed up for, and it's just not what they do. Saddam was a bad guy, no doubt about it. But obviously, the goal of the administration was not just to get rid of the bad guy. It was to get rid of the bad guy, and then replace him with the people/government of our choosing.

And that is going over about as well as milking a bull. Sure, you might get a little out of it, it might look similar to what you want in smaller amounts, but it's nothing you want to put your lips on. And why would it? Do you think we would let China or Russia come over here and tell us what government we can have, and which leaders we can and can't have? I certainly hope not.

By staying, we are only causing more people over there to be angry. As we are a foreign country, our presence alone is the #1 recruiting tool for more terrorists. Terrorism in itself is a tactic. You can never defeat a tactic. The best you can do is make the tactic ineffective, or defend against it. Thats just the plain truth of the matter. Every day we stay, we recruit and invite people to kill our troops. And for what? And we have spent over a trillion dollars for it, meanwhile our own borders are wide open and our country is going broke spending all our resources on Iraq. We are borrowing money from China, then turning around and giving billions away in foreign aid, weapons and such to countries like Pakistan. It's just downright insane.

I think most people realize this today. Hindsight is 20/20. And the most popular response I see is - If we leave now it will cause more troubles. I on the other hand feel if you want to heal a wound, you must first remove the item that caused it. And while sometimes a knife/surgery may be needed to remove something like a tumor, when the job is done you remove the knife so the wound can heal.

It will take atleast 90 days before our troops could leave the area safely I've heard estimates mention. And I'd venture a guess that an ideal withdrawal would maybe take a little longer. However, the day we mention we will be leaving, the people will start to see that the knife is leaving, and they will not have a reason to push it out any longer.

This is what we can do physically to help. But as we are leaving, we should leave the Iraqi people a copy of our constitution. Explain to them how it works - the limited government way, not the general welfare clause loophole way we have now. And then suggest they form 3 separate states.

If they adopt a constitution like ours, then by default the bulk of the power of each state goes to the people themselves. So you no longer have the problem of 1 faction gaining rule over another, which is a big factor for a civil war. However, you still have the Federal government of Iraq to provide defense and help commerce between the states etc.

It's a great system I do believe. And one people have died to fight for, and one people have put their lives in danger to escape too. If you offer it to the Iraqi people, and they are smart they will take it. If not, then they will have to work out their own way. But it is there responsibility to do so. With freedom comes responsibility, and that means the people have to stand up. I personally think they will.

And speaking of why it is such a great system, I think the fact that our own properly function government would solve the problems of the middle east easily, is all the more reason we as Americans need to stand up and protect it. How stupid would we have to be to let it go?

But as far as I can tell, we are more worried about getting people we like in power there. Which I find a bit odd. Lets assume another Saddam type person does come into power there. So what? It took us all of 2 weeks to take over the country, and we lost alot less lives in doing so. And it's alot cheaper as well. Plus, if it's a bad guy like Saddam, they probably will like us - if we leave after it's done.

Personally, I find the excuses for staying in Iraq to either be scare tactics, or down right lies and exaggerations.

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