Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mount Vernon schools to hire investigator in Bible case

Mount Vernon schools to hire investigator in Bible case

Exactly the reason why government does not belong in the school system. By doing so, it by default has to rule and choose for the people on topics such as this. And by doing that, you are also by default not allowing the people freedom in their education.

I personally probably wouldn't want such a teacher for my kids. However, I certainly wouldn't mind a teacher who was religious and along with the lesson taught things of spiritual/religious natures. Of course, that might not be another person's cup of tea, and thats fine. I wouldn't want to impose my beliefs on them, and I don't want them to impose their beliefs on me by not allowing such a teacher, due to laws made up in response to teachers such as in this example. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you are wrong. But what right does either of us have to impose our rights and wrongs on other people? Is the ability to control our own lives simply not enough anymore?

It is impossible to meet the freedoms of everyone in a system that only allows 1 thing. And that is what we are seeing today. By default people are being divided on these things. Which is understandable because by default you would be infringing on the freedoms of 1 or the other. Currently things tend to be majority rules, except where people are allowed to make a constitutional argument. Of course the reason we have a republic of limited government rather than a democracy of limited rights is because such broad democracy is merely just allowing a majority to rule over the minority. As long as you can get the majority of the people, you can basically do anything. Even when the majority of those people likely have no clue what exactly is going on, and a biased media doesn't even give the majority a chance to do so.

If we had a government today which operated on a constitutional basis, this kind of a topic wouldn't even be an issue. It would be handled on a local level, as the parents not the government would have direct control over their kids education. Rather than the parents having to deal with politicians who are elected on any number of issues, not a single issue who might bring change 2 years from now, you the parent would have the power to go to the school and say NO. You would have merely your local community to deal with, and on a local level these kind of issues can be solved quicker, without affecting 300 million people. If you live in a community where they wish to allow this to happen, then it's probably in your best interest to move, and not over the single issue, but because likely their are other things which you disagree with. This is how a real community is formed. There are literally thousands of communities in the US, and most likely a community with laws and things you agree with.

And this goes beyond education or religion. It's not about the issues themselves. It's about living in a system that works and handles the problems without infringing on the liberties and freedoms of other people. The founding fathers worked and died to bring about such a system, and that system is today being tested. Not because the system itself is broken, the constitution works just as well in a modern society as it did 200 years ago, only we have the ability to make it even better. But it is up to the American people to learn and educate themselves on what it means to be a free people. Otherwise the people will neither deserve their freedom, nor will they have it. And that is wisdom the founding fathers knew even back then. Why do we as a modern society fail to grasp these concepts?

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