Friday, May 2, 2008

The US government is in breach of contract

I have a bit of a confession to make. I did not file my taxes this year. For all I care, the government can keep their $600. But I'm not going to pay my taxes anymore. I outright refuse to do so. You hear that IRS? I am not scared. I do not care what you think you can do to me. I would rather die in prison. Atleast then I will not have people to argue if I am free or not, nor will I be living under an illusion that I am a free person.

The constitution is a contract between the American people, and the US government. Failure of the citizen to keep up to their end of the deal will result in fines, imprisonment, harassment or worse. Failure of the government to follow the constitution/contract results in a loss of rights for the citizen.

When this election started, I told everyone - I think Ron Paul will win. And to this day I still think he can/will. Now, some might find that a bit crazy considering the circumstances, however it is what lead to those circumstances that has resulted in this post. You see, up until this election I actually believed this country had a fair and free election. I actually believed that elections were as advertised.

So why would I think Ron Paul would win? Well, lets look at the positions for a minute. #1 most obvious is the Iraq war. Today, GWB has the lowest approval rating of any modern president. And support for the Iraq war is also at an all time low. If you look at the recent elections, and republicans won that presidential election, then it seems that at least half the American people are conservatives. You look at the foreign policy GWB ran on in 2000, and most Americans seem to want a humble foreign policy. If you assume that all democrats want to end the Iraq war, then you also based on polling come to the conclusion that more than half the conservative base also want us out of the war. The conservative base has shrunk considerably in the past few years, losing the house and senate because of this issue. As we all know, the voice of the American people has been ignored and we are still in Iraq.

So obviously, in order to win a general election, the candidate will need to be in favor of getting out of Iraq. The 2006 congress elections proved that much. It would be near impossible for someone to win the general election with a position that atleast 70% of the population(registered voters) were really against. So, here we have an obvious +1 for Ron Paul, and an obvious -1 for the other candidates.

So, we look at other conservative issues. Here again, Ron Paul stands for them strongly. Has voted for 20 years over a 30 year period for these basic principles. There isn't a single candidate who has a better voting record on the issues. In all this time, he has never voted for an unbalanced budget or tax increase. He's pretty much a conservatives dream candidate. Again another +1 for Ron Paul.

He seems like the logical and best candidate for the GOP to me. He was the only person bringing in new people to the Republican party, something that was obviously extremely needed due to a lose in the republican party in the past elections. He was steadily pulling democrats into the republican party, something none of the other candidates could do. He drew bigger crowds by himself than the other candidates could muster between them all. John McCain has even called him the "most honest man in DC".

How could such a person lose? In a fair election, he wouldn't have. But what did happen was corruption. Corruption of the worse kind, and what you would except to hear from 3rd world countries. So, lets take a look at that.

From the start of the election, he was considered not a serious candidate. This was sited in the media as being due to his fundraising and his polling numbers. Fine Ron Paul supporters said, we filled his bank account with record numbers. Easily worthy of media attention, and proof that his candidacy was real. Did we see fair coverage after this? No. Instead it was pushed off as being internet only. To imply that people on the internet are not real people. Which is absurd, behind every "internet" person, is an "offline" person as well. Did we ever see this FACT brought out? Why didn't Ron Paul get "into the mainstream"? Because the media refused to cover him fairly.

After winning straw poll after straw poll, other than the ones where Mitt Romney was paying for votes and people were allowed to vote mulitple times. Or when the local GOP just outright canceled the straw poll when it was apparent who would win. Did this change anything? No.

Of course, then comes the actual elections, where the voting in itself was at times questionable(Part 2). Record turnouts they said.

But the corruption doesn't stop there. Now comes time for the GOP state conventions. Where delegates from the states are elected, and party issues are discussed change. However, when things don't go as the establishment scripted them to go, and Ron Paul might win a majority of delegates, they resort to just walking out without a vote. In other cases, the GOP simply ignored the people and read the script and left. In this case, the GOP completely changed the delegates that were elected at the smaller elections for people who weren't even present. When a point of order was called for to clarify this problem, it was ignored.

And that pretty has done it for me. It is now apparent that free and fair elections do not happen in this country. I don't know if they ever did, some people even defend the system, and encourage backdoor deals that ignore the will of the people.

It is now apparent to me that this country will not be allowed free elections. That the US government constantly ignores the constitution, and that those in charge are guilty of treason and are traitors. It is no longer a government which protects the rights and freedoms of it's people. It engages in unethical practices.

This government is in breach of contract. And there is atleast 1 US citizen who isn't going to put up with it anymore. I haven't given up on Ron Paul. I still have hope that the American people will wake up and see what is going on. But I am very near to giving up on this government.


anselpixel said...

Look. I was a Libertarian in 1988. Three of my friends ended up in prison and I ended up bankrupt because we believed that nonsense.
Get ready.
You're in for the ass-whipping of a lifetime.
It may not come in a year, or even five years. But they will come for you, and when they do, you have no defenses.
All those big talkers who get people like you in trouble all file their taxes, even if they lie about the facts.
It's the filing.
If you don't file, the IRS gets to make up their own facts, and not usually in your favor.
Saying the IRS is an illegal institution is about as useful a remark as saying the Mafia operates outside the law. Both are clearly illegal operations, but they come well-armed and with bad attitudes.
This is not a society of laws. Get over it, and cover your ass.

ilovetheconstitution said...

Thanks for the concern. However, it occurs to me that if you are smart enough to see that something needs to be done, and nobody is doing it, then it probably means it's up to you.

As I am smart enough to see whats going on, then it is up to me to help influence change. As Einstein said, you can't fix problems with the same level of thinking which created them. So hoping for a fix from the same people who created the problems isn't going to help. As history has shown.

The other thing is timing. I think in 88 or back then you were facing a much more difficult task. These days I see much more chance for a change. But it will only come from people standing up for whats right. If the people don't stand up for whats right, then do they not deserve what they get? If the American people allow these money suckers, do they not deserve it? And if I just allow it, does that not also mean that I deserve it? Especially if I am smart enough to know better.

As I do not believe in violence to solve problems, I see no other way of making a peaceful stand.

I don't care bout the money too much. I actually still paid the money as it comes out of my paycheck, it's more of a protest than anything. I won't be getting the $600 or whatever either. A little extra cash is a small price to pay IMO.

Anonymous said...

"But I'm not going to pay my taxes anymore."

But you pay through witholding....make up your mind.

ilovetheconstitution said...

Pretty sure I don't have a choice in that part. I've looked into it, and I have to go sign an affidavit saying I do not have to pay, give it to my CFO and then they would stop the withholding. Otherwise, I can't stop it without putting my company in the crosshairs. And I'm pretty sure if I sign the affidavit without the permission of the IRS then I get myself into more trouble.

But by not filing I am sending a message while keeping my rear covered.

More specifically, if I go to court, I will be using the defense that being forced to file taxes is against the 5th amendment. If I go beyond that, then I open myself up for more trouble and a different kind of charges/defense. At most, I will get fined for what I'm currently doing.

Please excuse me for not biting off more than I can chew.

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